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27 Game-changing entrepreneurs
Anurakt Jain + Ishita Verma
Klub Bangalore Klub is a revenue-based financing platform that offers digital businesses flexible capital without equity dilution. klubworks.com
Andrés Gomez + Alejandro Celis + Andrés Archila + Felipe Jaramillo
Melonn Bogotá Melonn is a logistics and fulfillment provider for the e-commerce channel of small and medium merchants in Colombia, Mexico and more. melonn.com
Joaquín Serrano + Óscar Arellano + Yerson Cacua
Sumer Bogotá Sumer provides technology to digitize micro and small businesses, enabling sales growth and improving management with intuitive tech features. sumerlabs.com
Jose Jair Bonilla + Carolina Garcia + Oscar Sarria + Ricardo Ocampo
Chiper Bogotá Chiper provides customized technology to corner-store owners and their product suppliers, including inventory procurement, management and fulfillment, and more. landing.chiper.co
Gaston Irigoyen + Hernan Corral + Juan Fantoni
Pomelo Buenos Aires Pomelo is a financial services infrastructure platform, enabling fintechs in LATAM to launch virtual accounts, issue prepaid and credit cards, and more. pomelo.la
Mohamed Mossaad + Enas Siam
Flextock Cairo Flextock optimizes order fulfillment and distribution for traditional small and medium-sized retailers' ecommerce businesses in Egypt. flextock.com
Andrea Campos
Yana Cancun Yana is a digital mental health platform using AI to offer therapy to Spanish-speaking users all over the world. yana.com.mx
Samder Singh + Ankit Rawat
Growspace Jaipur Growspace is a professionally managed cryptocurrency fund for a simplified investing experience. growspace.ai
Abhay Saboo
CoLearn Jakarta CoLearn digitally connects Indonesian schoolchildren with math, science and other tutors, seeking to make learning fun and accessible to students everywhere. colearn.id
Francis Anugera
BRIK Jakarta Brik is a construction material aggregator that enables small and midsize contractors to procure construction materials from vendors. brik.id
Nipun Mehra
Ula Jakarta Ula is a marketplace that provides Indonesian small retailers competitive pricing, wide product variety, and favorable payment terms to modernize traditional retail. landing.ula.app
Phil Opamuratawongse + Budi Handoko
Shipper Jakarta Shipper is a logistics platform that simplifies the process of fulfilling and tracking ecommerce orders, connecting businesses with logistics companies. shipper.id
Tiger Fang + Yodi  Aditya
Kargo Jakarta Kargo Technologies is a full-stack freight logistics platform, operating a marketplace to connect shippers with truckers digitally and seamlessly. kargo.tech
Rooshan Aziz + Taha Ahmed
Maqsad Karachi Maqsad offers Pakistani schoolchildren mobile-native, interactive, localized after-school academic support in multiple languages. maqsad.io
Saad Jangda + Hamza Jawaid
Bazaar Karachi Bazaar is building a digital operating system for traditional micro and small businesses in Pakistan, from bookkeeping services to an inventory marketplace and more. bazaar-tech.com
Kennedy Ekezie-Joseph
Kippa Lagos Kippa is a finance management solution for small business owners to track their daily income and expenses, create invoices and receipts, manage inventory, and more. kippa.africa
Yele Bademosi
Nestcoin Lagos Nestcoin is a crypto builder, providing a platform to make payments into, out of, and across Africa seamlessly. nestcoin.com
Abrar Bajwa + Mohsin Zaka
Tazah Technologies Lahore Tazah is a B2B agritech marketplace connecting farmers directly with businesses who sell and/or consume agricultural food products. tazahtech.com
Brian Cu
Sarisuki Manila SariSuki is a social commerce platform focused on fresh grocery group buying. sarisuki.com
Gerry Giacomán Colyer
Clara Mexico City Clara is the leading B2B LATAM business credit card, payment solution, and expense tracking platform. clara.cc
Lissy Giacoman + Sofía Sada + Miriam Fernandez
Vinco Educación Monterrey Vinco manages a platform for continuing education programs, connecting businesses with learning institutions and programs to offer their employees. vincoed.com
Diego Dzodan
Facily São Paulo Facily is a LATAM social commerce platform that allows users to participate in group buying deals and have interactive shopping experiences. web.faci.ly
Jaime Taboada + Rebecca Fischer
Divibank São Paulo Divibank is a revenue-based financing company providing capital to LATAM-based startups to boost their growth through digital advertising. divibank.co
Marcos Salama + Laura Camargo + Fernando Carrasco
Inventa São Paulo Inventa provides a simplified purchasing process for small retailers on more favorable terms, recommending products based on actual data and offering credit. inventa.shop
Rafael Cló + Renato Farias + Bernardo Correa Ribeiro
Azos São Paulo Azos is an insurtech company that offers personalized insurance services to everyday Brazilian consumers, from life insurance to disability coverage and more. azos.com.br
Rafaela Khouri
Sooper São Paulo Sooper is a managed B2B marketplace that connects building materials retailers with suppliers, making B2B commerce convenient and easy. sooper.com.br