Shady El Tohfa, Adham Nauman +Omar Ezz El Din


Founded in 2020, Amenli is a leading Insurtech startup, licensed by the Financial Regulatory Authority in Egypt (FRA), providing a wide range of affordable and accessible insurance products to serve individuals, families and SMEs and liaising with insurance companies to handle client claims in an efficient and swift manner.

Shady is Amenli's cofounder & CEO. He was the 1st employee on the business side at Paymob and part of the founding team. Shady spent ~6 years at Paymob reaching 40K merchants and processing payments across 5 markets. With a lot of experience on the commercial, product and regulatory sides, Shady had been able to deploy his learnings into help building Amenli.

Adham is cofounder & CTO. He was the 3rd employee on the tech side at Paymob and part of the founding team. Adham spent more than 3 years at Paymob reaching 50K merchants and processing millions of transactions on a monthly basis. Adham had great experience in building from scratch and scaling tech products in a heavily regulated sector as he was the tech lead for Paymob’s payment gateway. This is the second time for Adham to build a product from 0 to 1 and then scale it from 1 to 100.

Omar is cofounder & CCO. He has 15 years of experience across market research, sales and business development in different sectors like FMCG and handsets, with experience in building and scaling sales and operations teams from zero to high market share numbers in record timelines.. With Omar’s strong suit in sales, distribution and operations, he had been able to build a novel tech enabled distribution and operational model in the insurance sector that Amenli is pioneering in the market.