Anh Le


Anh is the founder and CEO of EcoTruck, which provides B2B logistics services to connect merchants and logistics operators. As a returning graduate student from the US, Anh saw untapped opportunity in the Vietnam logistics industry - the food and beverage industry was thriving and e-commerce was suddenly booming in this emerging market. But unlike the sleek freight systems he'd run at Sentifi, Vietnam's logistics partners were unsynchronized and inefficient. So Anh started EcoTruck to bring optimization to a highly outdated industry. The platform provides cutting-edge technology and data analysis to streamline operations, save costs for both merchants and vendors, and offer bullk savings for all stakeholders.

Prior to founding EcoTruck, Anh was General Manager at Sentifi in Vietnam, managing data analytics operations across the country. He was also the co-founder and CTO of Pose, a startup specializing in intelligent digital magazine in eCommerce. Anh holds an MS and a PhD in Computer Science from New York University.